AWS re:Invent Sessions

2019 - Build immersive experiences with Amazon Pinpoint Journeys (EUC230-P)

This presentation was recorded prior to re:Invent. In this session, we discuss how to build immersive customer journeys using the newly launched Amazon Pinpoint Journeys. In this fast-moving session, we cover marketing on AWS and how we built Amazon Pinpoint Journeys on AWS. We also provide a live demo to demonstrate the flexibility that Amazon Pinpoint Journeys can provide.

2019 - Build high-volume email applications with Amazon SES (EUC207)

Companies in many industries use AWS to send millions of emails every day, including In this session, learn how to build applications using the highly scalable, highly reliable, and multi-tenant-capable email infrastructure of Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES). You also learn how to monitor delivery rates and other important metrics, and how to use this data to improve deliverability. Members of the team discuss the architecture of their multi-tenant email-sending platform, the historical challenges they faced, and the ways Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon SES helped them meet their goals around Prime Day, Cyber Monday, and other retail events.

2019 - Build and deploy your own two-way text chatbot (EUC308-R)

In this webinar you will learn how to build an AI-powered chatbot that your customers can engage with by sending SMS messages. This chatbot can help customers quickly ask questions, get answers, book appointments, check order status, and much more.

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