AWS Webinars

2020 - Amazon SES: Improve Message Deliverability to Ensure Customer Reach

Learn more about AWS Customer Engagement at - Do you have outbound and inbound email requirements? Is email a critical workload for your enterprise? Several factors determine whether your email messages reach your recipients. In this chalk talk, learn how to safely migrate your outbound and inbound email volumes over to AWS and Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES).

Learn how to onboard, safely ramp up, and ensure that business continues without disruption. Also learn best practices for delivering email messages into your customers’ inbox rather than their spam folder, and receive guidance on scaling deliverability and improving deliverability of certain campaigns.

2020 - Pinpoint Journeys - Designing customer communication journeys across all channels (level 200)

Your customers increasingly want to receive proactive and relevant digital communications, often from anywhere and on any device. Your customers also want to receive messages in their preferred communications channel, like email, SMS, voice, push, or even newer “custom” channels such as social. Learn how to design the best experience using Amazon Pinpoint campaigns and journeys so that you send the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about how to design customer journeys across multiple channels
  • Learn about new custom channels capabilities, that allow you to outreach to customers through channels like social
  • Learn how to create custom channels using Amazon Lambda

2020 - Solving with AWS Solutions: Predictive Segmentation using Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon SageMaker

Solution Link

Predictive Segmentation Using Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon SageMaker combines Amazon Pinpoint with Amazon SageMaker to help automate the process of collecting customer data, predicting customer churn using ML, and maintaining a tailored audience segment for messaging.